The Best Nike Running Shoes for 2018 : Perfect Fit For Runners

NIKE Men's Air Zoom Structure 21 Running Shoe

The Best Nike Running Shoes for 2018

Whether you’re a relative newbie to the sport of running, or you’re in search of a pair of new running kicks to replace your well-loved and worn ones, Nike has a vast array of athletic footwear to meet your needs. The trusted manufacturer of performance running apparel has been a go-to brand for casual exercisers and accomplished professional athletes alike. If researching the latest running shoe trends and technologies has left your head spinning, we’re here to cut through the noise and help you pinpoint the perfect Nike running shoes for you. With our handy review, you’ll be back out on the road and logging more miles in no time.

Nike Running Shoe FAQs

Skim through our simple FAQs for answers to some of your most burning questions as you begin your quest to find your next great pair of running sneaks.

1. Why choose Nike running shoes?

2. How should you choose the best Nike running shoes for you?

3. Are running shoes good for walking?

4. Where can you buy Nike running shoes?

5. How much should you spend on running shoes?

Our Review Process

We’ve scoured Nike’s current shoe lineup so that you don’t have to. This translates to less research and shopping time for you, and more miles down the road, around the track, on the trail or wherever your feet tend to lead you. We understand the importance of finding the perfect fit because we’re runners too. We’ve invested time and effort into studying shoe descriptions, features and numerous consumer and expert reviews. You can rest assured that we weren’t prompted to include certain shoe models in this review, and we based our findings on our extensive research and experience.

The Cost of Nike Running Shoes: What to Expect

A price check on Nike’s website shows that they currently carry running shoes listed between $60 and $230. On average, consumers tend to spend around $120 on a pair of running shoes. The majority of the Nike running shoes that we’ve featured in this review fall between $120 and $140. You’ll notice that you can occasionally find lower, and in some cases much higher, prices when searching for the same pair of shoes online. In these instances, demand, sizes and colors have likely determined prices from individual sellers.

The Best Nike Running Shoes by Category

If you know the type of shoe you need, then you’re already ahead of the curve. We’ve divided our top Nike picks based on shoe style so that you can easily narrow down which ones would likely be a great fit for you.

Neutral Shoes

These types of shoes, also sometimes referred to as cushioned, are the perfect choice for those who have a neutral gait. This means that, when running, most of the foot evenly makes contact with the ground without the foot rolling inward. Neutral runners are lucky in the sense that they can easily run in most types of shoes. Check out our top Nike choices below.

[amazon box=”B014EC7VII”]

Key Features

The Vomero 13 gains ultra-responsiveness, thanks to the Nike Zoom Air cushioning, located in the heel and forefoot. Renowned for its comforting plushness, these shoes are soft, yet supportive, with its featured Lunarlon cushioning.


  • Most wearers have commented on the springy responsiveness of the shoe’s plush cushioning.
  • Consumers noted that the shoe feels lightweight.
  • Nike’s Flywire cables provide support and security in the upper to hug the foot but manage to avoid being overly tight or constricting.


  • Some who have purchased and loved earlier iterations of the Vomero lament that this updated version lacks the comfort level they previously enjoyed.
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    Some reviews noted that the shoe seemed to have a more narrow fit.

Where To Buy

Check them out on Amazon. You can also visit Nike online to browse features or purchase this neutral shoe..

[amazon box=”B0145U9O8Y”]

Key Features

One of Nike’s longest-running shoe models, the Pegasus has enjoyed nearly 35 years of popularity. Spanning the length of the foot, Zoom Air cushioning absorbs the impact of every step and converts it into pure energy in this newest update. Equipped with Flywire cables, the mesh upper provides support while also stretching to ensure a secure fit that doesn’t hinder movement.


  • Reviewers give it rave reviews for its full-length Zoom Air cushioning, noting the high level of comfort it provides.
  • The mesh upper features zigzag stitching that adds a layer of durability.
  • Appearance mattered to several reviewers; we have to agree that the shoe has an eye-catching look with fresh color scheme options.


  • Some wearers have complained of the newest Pegasus model harboring too much roominess. 

Where To Buy

Check out on Amazon. You can also check them out on

Stability Shoes

These types of running shoes provide additional support and cushioning for those who overpronate, or whose feet roll inward while running.

[amazon box=”B06W577LCL”]

Key Features

Equipped with Nike’s Lunarlon cushioning and thicker, softer lofted Flywire cables, the LunarGlide 9 provides both the support and cushioning that overpronators need. They support the midfoot and disperse pressure, while the updated Flywire cables help to correct overpronation for more comfortable and injury-free runs. A stabilizer located on the outside heel provides additional support.


  • It’s comfortable and versatile: neutral runners and those who overpronate enjoy wearing the LunarGlide 9s for both short and long runs.
  • Generally built with extra support, stability shoes are not known for being extremely light, but the LunarGlide 9 manages to keep its weight down. 
  • Check Circle
    It weighs in at an impressive 8.8 ounces for a women’s size eight, and at 9.9 ounces for a men’s 10.


  • Some owners have noted that the shoe is narrower than expected with a tight fit.
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    Some wearers have noticed that the design of the outsole makes it prone to catching many small rocks.

Where To Buy

Check out on Amazon. You can also check them out at Nike.

[amazon box=”B004IM3JO0″]

Key Features

The Structure 21 is built to include Nike’s Dynamic Fit technology, which combines both supportive Flywire and an elastic internal arch band for added stability. With comfort provided by soft foam in the outer side of the shoe and support added by firm foam in the arch, these Nikes are a great choice for correcting overpronation.


  • Although just slightly heavier than the LunarGlide 9 (9 ounces for a women’s size 8 and 10.4 ounces for a men’s size 10), runners noted that their Zoom Structures provided adequate support while retaining a lightweight feel.
  • Wearers have reviewed the secure fit of the Structure 21 more favorably over previous iterations of the shoe.
  • Check Circle
    It contains a great mix of firm and softer cushioning for comfort mile after mile.


  • Some consumers have reported that the regular-width shoe fits too narrowly

Where To Buy

Shop Amazon here for men’s sizing, and here for women’s. They can also be found at






Shoe Type

Best For

[amazon fields=”B014EC7VII” value=”thumb”]

[amazon fields=”B014EC7VII” value=”price”]

9.9 ounces (men’s size 10) and 8.3 ounces (women’s size 8)


Daily running and roads 

Daily running and roads 

[amazon fields=”B0145U9O8Y” value=”thumb”]

[amazon fields=”B0145U9O8Y” value=”price”]

10.75 ounces (men’s size 10) and 8.85 ounces (women’s size 8) 


Daily running and roads

[amazon fields=”B06W577LCL” value=”thumb”]

[amazon fields=”B06W577LCL” value=”price”]

10.4 ounces (men’s size 10) and 9 ounces (women’s size 8)


Daily running and roads

[amazon fields=”B004IM3JO0″ value=”thumb”]

[amazon fields=”B004IM3JO0″ value=”price”]

9.9 ounces (men’s size 10) and 8.8 ounces (women’s size 8)


Daily running and roads

Our Final Verdict

Honestly, as long as you choose the right type of running shoe to fit your gait and meet your needs, it’s difficult to make a bad choice when comparing these Nike running shoes. If you’re in the market for a neutral shoe, the Air Zoom Pegasus 35 is our top choice. It’s a solid option with a loyal following of happy runners spanning multiple decades. If a stability model is a must, then our top Nike recommendation is the Air Zoom Structure 21. Its embedded Dynamic Fit technology gives overpronating runners secure support and cushioning to help them through mile after mile while remaining injury-free.

We hope this review has helped you to make a confident shoe-buying decision. When purchasing your running shoes, don’t forget the importance of choosing the right type of shoe for your gait. Also, keep in mind that this isn’t the time or place to lean on a great deal and reach for the cheapest shoe on the market. The quality of your running shoes matters. Following these shoe-buying rules and taking our recommendations into account will have you running along in your perfect pair in no time.


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