Mountaintop Backpack Review: Spacious and Supportive Enough to Carry All Your Gear

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Whether you're ready for a short weekend away or a long backpacking trip, you might be looking for a new backpack. In our Mountaintop Backpack review, we hope to shed light on one option for your next camping backpack.

There are tons of backpacks available, but not all of them are excellent quality. And if you're out camping, you want your gear to last. So, you want to make sure you choose the best backpack. If you're curious about Mountaintop, keep reading our Mountaintop Backpack review.

Initial Mountaintop Backpack Review

If you want to go camping, you need a sturdy backpack for storing your gear and personal items. There are tons of backpacks on the market, but you should look for a high-quality backpack that won't constantly need replacing.

The company Mountaintop has a ton of backpacks that you can choose from for your next camping trip. Their backpacks come in a variety of sizes and styles.

So, we wanted to look at a few backpacks. We found a smaller backpack, a huge backpack, and one in the middle. Each backpack has its own set of features.

If you're only going camping for a night or two, you don't need tons of space. The Mountaintop Unisex Hiking/Camping Backpack can fit 22 to 40 liters, depending on the color.

This backpack comes in about 20 different colors, and some have a smaller capacity, while others are slightly larger. Some colors include blue, black, and red.

Regardless of the color and capacity, the backpack has a front pocket with organization slots. You can store tools and gadgets for easy access within the front pocket.

This backpack also has a hip-belt pocket, a bladder sleeve, and two mesh bottle pouches. It has a sternum strap with an emergency whistle, and the padded shoulder straps provide air circulation to your back and shoulders.

The backpack itself is water-resistant, so you don't have to worry about water leaking into your stuff. There's even a laptop compartment if you want to take your laptop.

If you've ever gone on a long hike, you know that eventually, you'll probably want to take off your jacket. This backpack has a front loop, which is perfect for hanging a jacket or another lightweight item.

If you want something a little bigger than 40 liters, consider the Mountaintop Internal Frame Hiking Backpack. Depending on the color, its capacity ranges from 50 liters to 65 liters. Colors include blue, brown, and black.

The backpack has good quality zippers that open and close easily, and there are plenty of buckles that also keep your items contained. This backpack uses water-resistant fabric, and it also comes with a rain cover.

Mountaintop's medium-sized backpack has an extension collar with a drawstring that can increase the capacity up to five liters. The backpack also has plenty of pockets to organize your stuff.

This backpack has two hip-belt pockets, two lid pockets, a bladder sleeve, a front pocket, and two mesh bottle pouches. Like the small backpack, this one has a sternum strap with an emergency whistle buckle. The padded shoulder straps also let air circulate and reach the back and shoulders.

There are two key hooks in the main compartment where you can attach your keys or a water bladder. The backpack also has a trekking pole attachment and bottom loops for your hiking pole.

Both shoulder straps have a D-shaped hook where you can attach small items.

Maybe you've gone on a weekend camping trip, and you're ready for something more. Well, in that case, you need a backpack that can fit everything you need. The Mountaintop Hiking Backpack also comes in larger capacities up to 80 liters.

Different colors come in different capacities, but black, blue, and red all fit up to 80 liters.

Regardless of the size and color, you can easily access the front pocket as well as the main compartment. This backpack has daisy chains where you can attach hiking poles, a tripod, or other accessories.

The backpack has eight compression straps. You can use them to tie up your pack or hang items like your tent or sleeping bag. This backpack is compatible with hydration systems, and you can access the water bladder from the side of the backpack.

You can also adjust the length of the backpack to fit your needs. If you get caught in the rain, the backpack comes with a rain cover.

What Customers Have to Say

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While each backpack is slightly different, customers love all three backpacks. Amazon's average Mountaintop Backpack review for each tops 4 out of 5 stars. But of course, each backpack has its own set of ratings and reviews.

Let's go in size order.




How to Choose a Backpack

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Of course, backpacks come in different sizes and colors, and there are tons of companies that make them, too. That variety can make shopping for a backpack more confusing.

So we knew our Mountaintop Backpack review wouldn't be complete without some shopping tips.




Searching for the Best

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We could end our Mountaintop Backpack review here. However, we want to compare the backpacks to some of the competition.

Looking at the competition can help us make a more informed Mountaintop Backpack review because we can learn what else is out there. While the Mountaintop Backpacks have fantastic features, you don't want to narrow your search too much.


We found similar backpacks to Mountaintop. For our Mountaintop Backpack review, we found backpacks of varying sizes, so each competitor backpack is similar to a Mountaintop Backpack.

To figure out whether Mountaintop Backpacks are the best, we compared features such as size, materials, and comfort for each backpack.

The OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack has a capacity of 50 liters which puts it between the small and medium Mountaintop Backpacks.

It's an excellent weekend backpack, and you can use it for hiking, camping, and as a carry-on. The backpack has tons of pockets for organizing your stuff, and it's very durable. It even has a laptop compartment that can fit laptops up to 15.6 inches.

This backpack includes a waterproof rain cover, and the straps are comfortable. In addition to pockets, there are attachments for your tent, hiking poles, and other accessories.

The backpack comes in different colors, including black, blue, and red.

Multiple customers say it's great for different forms of travel. However, others mention the bag is pretty poor quality.

The BOLANG Hiking Daypack is a medium-sized backpack with a capacity of 45 to 55 liters. This backpack has good ventilation, which keeps you cool.

This backpack has padded shoulder straps that are comfortable. There are tons of compartments, so you can keep all of your gear organized. You can access your hydration system from the side of the backpack.

There's even a special compartment for storing dirty shoes.

The backpack also has compression straps, which are great for hanging your tent or tying up your backpack. This backpack is also waterproof, and you can use it for day hikes or overnight trips.

One customer loved that it can fit a lot despite looking small. However, other customers mentioned the bag is pretty cheap and not for serious hikers.

The​ Explorer 4000 from TETON Sports is a good option for longer trips or when you just need to bring more stuff. It's versatile and suitable for men, women, and children.

This backpack's capacity is 65 liters, which is perfect for trips up to 5 days long. You can adjust the torso at different points, so you can customize it to fit your body.

The shoulder straps are also adjustable. This backpack has padding that keeps air moving through your back and shoulders.

It also includes compression straps and a variety of pockets, which means you can carry a lot of stuff with the backpack. There's also a rain cover. You can protect your gear in the rain and store the cover when you're not using it.

This backpack has a compartment just for your sleeping bag. It also includes a water bladder pocket.

Multiple customers love the bag's quality. However, other customers say you get what you pay for with this backpack.

On the Mountaintop

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For our Mountaintop Backpack review, we looked at three popular choices. Each of the backpacks is a different size, but they all have very similar features.

If you're set on a Mountaintop Backpack, you only need to worry about the best size. But what if you're not convinced Mountaintop is for you?

That's why we included some competitors in this Mountaintop Backpack review. We wanted to find out if Mountaintop makes the best backpacks.

While we think there are tons of great features, there's nothing unique about Mountaintop Backpacks. Each of the backpacks we looked at had good and bad customer reviews.

So, we think you should choose the backpack that fits your needs, whether it's from Mountaintop or not.

Have you used a Mountaintop Backpack? Leave your own Mountaintop Backpack review down in the comments!


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