Outdoor Gear Review: Weber Spirit II E-310 Propane Grill

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Dirty cast iron cooking grates on 6 burner outdoor gas grill.

It’s hard to beat a nice, sunny day spent grilling in the backyard with family and friends around. Unfortunately, studies have shown that eating food cooked using a charcoal grill too often may be a cancer risk, so what are you to do if you love grilling but don’t want to sacrifice your health for that delicious, smoky flavor?

If you’ve ever watched an episode of King of the Hill, you’ve probably heard the main character, Hank Hill, rambling on and on about the benefits of using a propane grill. It turns out he wasn’t that far off, as we now know that PAHs that form when fats drip onto charcoal can be damaging to our health. Fortunately, propane grills have less of those PAHs; that’s why we’re reviewing the Weber Spirit II E-310 today, a top-of-the-line propane grill that will transform the way you grill — especially if you’ve been using charcoal.

What Is a Propane Grill?

With a traditional charcoal grill, you fill the lower part of the grill with burning charcoal and then use a grate above that to hold your food while it cooks. When the fats drip onto the charcoal below, PAHs are formed, and as we previously mentioned, these can be harmful to your health. This is why many people choose other types of grills such as natural gas, propane and electric grills. These grills are designed to cook your food without using charcoal, so you don’t have to worry about those nasty PAHs forming and can grill as often as you’d like.

 Propane grills are a favorite among grillers who are looking to make the switch from charcoal because they’re efficient, somewhat affordable and often come with a whole lot of great features that make them more of an outdoor kitchen than a grill. Plus, using a propane grill is easy since you can simply ignite it using the attached propane tank and set your temperature where you want it to be. You can even set one part of the grill to a higher temperature than the other to make sure you don’t cook anything too quickly. Investing in a full-featured propane grill can significantly change the way you grill.

What Is the Weber Spirit II E-310?

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The Weber Spirit II E-310 is a mid- to high-level propane grill that gives you that outdoor kitchen feel we mentioned earlier. This is far from the most expensive propane grill, but it’s consistently regarded as one of the best for its price. If you’re looking for a larger grill you can use to cook for the whole family (or even a group of friends who are over for the night), the Weber Spirit II E-310 is a great choice thanks to its 424-square-inch cooking area, which is more than enough for wings, ribs and vegetables or a massive selection of burgers, dogs and other summer barbecue favorites.

Weber 45030001 Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill, Red
  • Boasts the Gs4 grilling system with improved infinity ignition, burners, porcelain-enameled Flavorizer Bars, grease...
  • Porcelain-enameled, cast iron cooking grates. Left table down width is 42 inches
  • 30, 000 BTU-per-hour input main burners with fuel gauge

 Although this grill only has one lid, so the cooking areas aren’t actually separated, there are three separate burners with different temperature controls to allow you to precisely cook multiple foods at once. Two side tables with hooks and other accommodations make it easy for you to keep everything you need close by while cooking. The 20-pound propane tank you’ll need to fuel this propane grill will keep it going for quite a while, which means you can count on your Weber Spirit II E-310 to make it through the biggest barbecues of the year.

Weber Spirit II E-310 Specifications

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Finding a good grill has a lot to do with looking at specs because everybody has something different they’re looking for. For some people, a smaller propane grill that doesn’t take up too much space is the perfect solution, while others may want something massive and full of features to make sure their grill is always up to the task. To help you make sure you make the right propane grill decision, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about the Weber Spirit II E-310 in one handy section below.


smoky grilling sausages

If you’re looking for a grill with a lot of cooking space and power, the Weber Spirit II E-310 definitely fits the bill. You get a total of 424 square inches of cooking space with this grill, and three different burners ensure you can cook multiple things evenly at the same time. These main burners have a BTU-per-hour input of 30,000, which means they’re powerful enough to cook just about anything quickly. You can also control each burner separately to make sure you have the temperature right for each thing you’re trying to cook. This is really nice because it allows you to cook two or three different foods at once instead of having to do everything in batches because of the heat.

Although you get three separately controlled burners with the Weber Spirit II E-310, there’s only one lid, so it’s inevitable that heat from the hotter burners will spread to the rest of the grill to some degree.

Size and Weight

patty hotdogs meat asparagus on grill

You don’t usually think about the size and weight of a grill because you probably won’t be moving it a whole lot. However, it’s nice to know you have a good spot to put your propane grill before you buy it, and you want moving it to be as easy as possible just in case. The Weber Spirit II E-310 has dimensions of 57 x 52 x 26 inches (H x W x D) with the lid open and 44.5 x 52 x 27 inches when the lid is closed. It’s important to make sure you have enough space to easily open your grill while cooking.

As far as the weight of this grill goes, you’re looking at about 114 pounds without the propane tank attached. This is definitely on the heftier side for a grill, but the Weber Spirit II E-310 has two wheels on one side that allow you to simply tilt the grill up and wheel it to its new spot.


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You’ll need to buy a 20-pound propane tank separately when you buy the Weber Spirit II E-310. You can have this propane tank filled at various locations in your area for between $3 and $4 per gallon, and a 20-pound tank will hold about 4.7 gallons of propane. While this will cost you a bit more than your average bag of charcoal, you’ll get more grill time out of it, and you won’t be dealing with the PAHs that charcoal grills can create. Keep in mind that your propane tank will last longer if you cook on lower settings and don’t use as many burners.


different type of meats on grill

The Weber Spirit II E-310 is ripe with convenient features, from the wheels on the bottom for easy transportation to the two side tables that allow you to keep your spices and ready-to-grill food right by the grill. The wheels are designed to be durable and stand up to any weather, so you can wheel your Weber Spirit II E-310 through your snowy backyard when you get an unexpected overnight blizzard. A thermometer built into the lid allows you to keep an eye on the temperature while iGrill compatibility allows you to connect an iGrill 3 device to your grill and monitor the temperature of up to four different cuts of meat, so you can get the perfect temperature without serving underdone food. There’s even a fuel gauge, so you don’t unexpectedly run out of gas during a cookout.


satisfaction guarantee 100 percent

One of the best parts about investing in the Weber Spirit II E-310 is the warranty that comes with it. Weber provides a 10-year warranty on all parts of this grill, excluding normal wear and tear. This warranty is subject to additional terms and conditions, but a 10-year warranty on your grill is great reassurance that if anything goes wrong, you can simply call up Weber and get your Weber Spirit II E-310 working again.


metal grill

The design of this grill is interesting because it’s got a slightly different aesthetic than we’re used to seeing from high-end grills like this. While the standard black color looks normal on the Weber Spirit II E-310, it also comes in three other colors: ivory, sapphire and red. These colors look a bit flashy but are a great way to add some personality to your grill.

Weber Spirit II E-310 Pricing

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Weber Spirit II E-310 isn’t insanely expensive, and you get a lot of quality for the money. This is a full-size propane grill with two side tables, six hooks, three separately controlled burners, your choice of four colors, all-weather wheels and numerous other great features — and it only costs $599. If you couple that with the fact that the Weber Spirit II E-310 comes with a 10-year warranty on all of its parts, you truly are getting one of the best values on the market with this grill.

How the Weber Spirit II E-310 Compares

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You probably know by now that the Weber Spirit II E-310 is a great grill, but it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t show you a few of your other options before you make your decision. There are lots of great propane grills on the market from different brands, some of which are a bit more affordable and some of which are out-of-this-world expensive. Take a look at some of the propane grill models below to learn more about them and see how they fare against the Weber Spirit II E-310.

Nexgrill Deluxe 6-Burner

This grill gives you double the burners at a lower price than the Weber Spirit II E-310, but its warranty leaves a lot to be desired.

Deluxe 6-Burner Gas Grill with Searing Side Burner in Slate
  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes...

Total BTUs:

The Nexgrill Deluxe 6-burner grill has a total BTU output of 75,000

Cooking space:

 This beats the Weber Spirit II E-310 in cooking space with 563.55 square inches


Nexgrill only provides a one-year warranty on this grill

Blackstone’s propane gas grill with a griddle top is a bit out of the ordinary, but it is a great choice for grilling out nonetheless.

Blackstone 1554 Cooking 4 Burner Flat Top Gas Grill Propane Fuelled...
  • Rear grease - Blackstone has updated the grease Management on this unit. All units now have the newly improved rear...
  • Replace your standard grill - replace your grill or BBQ with a Blackstone griddle and never look back! This grill is...
  • Restaurant style cooking - with 720sq inches of flat top grilling, This griddle is perfect for breakfast, lunch and...

Total BTUs:

Four separately controlled burners provide a total of 60,000 BTUs

Cooking space:

The 720 square inches of primary cooking space on this grill is great


Blackstone provides an abhorrent 90-day warranty on this grill

KitchenAid’s 2-burner propane grill is a great choice if you don’t need tons of cooking space and want to save money.

Total BTUs:

 These two burners put out 26,000 BTUs

Cooking space:

 This grill offers 457 square inches of cooking space (total, not primary)


KitchenAid provides a minimum one-year warranty (up to 10) on all parts of this grill

A total of six different burners gives you total control with the Monument Grills 6-burner propane grill.

Monument Grills 77352 6-Burner Stainless Steel Cabinet Style Propane...
  • ★STAINLESS STEEL BURNERS-- six main 304 stainless steel burners and one side burner with 84,000 total BTUs deliver...
  • ★LARGE COOKING AREA-- 900 square inches of total cooking area offers plenty of grilling space; 634 square inches of...
  • ★STAINLESS STEEL COOKING GRATES-- Stainless steel cooking grates designed for even cooking

Total BTUs:

These six burners put out a total of 84,000 BTUs

Cooking space:

This grill offers 634.3 square inches of primary cooking space


 Monument Grills provides a one-year warranty on the grill and eight-year warranty on the burners

Weber Spirit II E-310 Pros and Cons


  • Lots of cooking space
  • Individually controlled, powerful burners
  • Two side tables with six hooks for storage
  • List Element


  • Some colors look a bit cheap
  • There is only one lid, so heat will spread

The Verdict: A Slightly Expensive, Quality Grill

There’s no doubt that the Weber Spirit II E-310 is a tad bit on the expensive side compared to some of the other grills we looked at, but it also offers more features than a lot of them. Plus, most of the stores that have this grill for sale at the moment are selling it for $499, a full $100 below its MSRP. Regardless of what you pay for the Weber Spirit II E-310, you can be confident that you’re investing in a great grill from a top brand with technology that you’ll love well into the future — especially thanks to that 10-year warranty.

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