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adidas ultraboost
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If you are a runner, then you understand the need to find a good pair of shoes. Running in shoes that do not offer the right support or that cannot properly cushion your feet could mean you end up with injuries that could put you on the sidelines. The last thing you need is bad footwear taking you out.

If you are a serious runner, then the chances are good that you have heard of the Adidas UltraBoost line. This line of shoes was designed with runners in mind. It features technology that has been carefully developed over a number of years to give you an excellent experience when you run.

Find out more about this line and the different product offering in our review. We will talk about the line and its inception, along with giving you important information about the different shoes within the line. We will also compare the UltraBoost to a couple of other lines from other brands.

What Is the UltraBoost Line?

Adidas has been a top shoe brand for a long time. Known for quality, comfort and style, this brand has had no trouble staying on top. With the introduction of the UltraBoost line in 2015, the brand introduced something truly revolutionary.

The Adidas UltraBoost line is made specifically for running on the road. It has carefully designed technology to provide maximum cushion and responsiveness. It is the first shoe from the company to have a full-length boost midsole combined with a Primeknit upper. The upper is made to fit like a sock, not a clunky shoe for complete fit and comfort that adapts as you run.

The boost midsole is an innovative design that helps you run better. It is designed to move you forward by taking the energy from your own foot as it strikes the sole. The Boost sole was first used in Adidas shoes in 2012, but that technology was further refined and developed by the company to recreate it into the UltraBoost design. The result is a TPU-infused sole that creates ultimate bounce.

The UltraBoost line has become incredibly popular, helped along by Kanye West who developed his own Boost shoes with Adidas. It is also praised by experts who feel it is the best running shoe on the market. With such a reputation, it is no surprise that this line is the best selling out of all Adidas shoes.
More About the UltraBoost Line

Now that you have some background on what exactly makes the UltraBoost line so special, it is a good idea to learn more about the different options within this line and to find out a little about the overall look. After all, being comfortable is great, but nobody wants to wear an ugly shoe. Luckily, that is not a problem when it comes to this line.

UltraBoost shoes are actually quite versatile in design. They have a nice silhouette that is flattering and works with a range of athletic and casual dress styles. There is a range of different color options and creative color combinations. However, Adidas keeps you on your toes by offering some colors only on special or limited edition options, so you may have to do some work to find what you like. However, some styles do offer a customization option where you can put your own designer style to work to create a shoe a look you love. The most prevalent design features found on all UltraBoost shoes is the sock-like fit. It conforms to the foot naturally. In addition, the outsole is carefully designed for not only style but also function.

However, if you are a serious runner, you probably care more about what is on the inside and the engineering of the shoe than how it looks. There is no doubt a lot of work that went into the design of this shoe line. UltraBoosts are made to be the ultimate in comfort, from top to bottom. The shoe offers just the right amount of support and is made to conform to the foot, so the shoe almost becomes a part of you as you run. The rubber outsole provides excellent traction no matter what conditions you are running in.

Here's a rundown of the specific features of the UltraBoost line.

  • FitCounter molded heel for a natural fit
  • Energy-harnessing stretch outsole
  • Boost energy-returning cushion
  • Torsion system
  • Continental rubber outsole
  • Weight: Around 302-304 g
  • Drop: 10 mm

This shoe line may not be brand new, but it continues to dominate. Since it was introduced, the line has really become footwear for everyone due to the comfort level. Anyone on their feet a lot will appreciate the support these shoes provide. Furthermore, the shoes are stylish and easy to wear.

The following are all the different UltraBoost styles sold by Adidas.

  • MI UltraBoost 4.0
  • UltraBoost LTD
  • UltraBoost
  • UltraBoost Parley
  • UltraBoost Parley LTD
  • UltraBoost Clima
  • UltraBoost Uncaged
  • UltraBoost ST
  • UltraBoost X Parley
  • UltraBoost Laceless
  • UltraBoost ST Parley
  • UltraBoost ST
  • UltraBoost X
  • UltraBoost X All Terrain
  • Shoes in this line are available in men's, women's and kids' sizes. Each style has a slightly different look.  Color choices may vary depending on the style as well. However, they all feature the Boost technology that makes them part of this line.

    The UltraBoost line has a decent price range because of the different options. Kids' sizes are going to be the least expensive options, obviously, because they are so much smaller than men's or women's styles. Some of the different types of UltraBoost shoes are more exclusive or limited, so they would be priced higher. In addition, some of the shoes do offer the option for customization, which adds to the price as well, depending on your choices. However, looking at a general price range, UltraBoost shoes run from $140 to $270. Kids' shoes are usually in the $140 to $160 range. Men's and woman's options run from $180 to $270.

    Where you buy can also influence the price. Some stores may offer better deals than others. You can also buy online directly from Adidas. The company does offer good sales from time to time. Your best bet for the optimal price is to shop around. Consider the Adidas direct price and then look at other retailers. These shoes may be found at shoe stores or from retailers that sell sports or outdoor equipment.

    It is advised that you at least go to a physical store where you can try on the shoes before you buy them to avoid fit issues. Even if you are going to purchase online, you should do this. This will help you to choose the right size and ensure you like the overall feel before you spend the money to buy them.

    How It Compares

    When considering any product, it helps to compare it to similar products. This allows you to see how it measures up. You can get a better idea of whether it is a good value and learn about any issues the product may have. It also gives you a chance to learn about alternative options just in case you decide the product isn't the right one for you. We have taken the time to do a comparison for you, so you do not have to spend the time doing it. Below you will find some quick ratings for the UltraBoost line and then two other popular shoe brand lines. We also provide some additional information for a complete comparison.

    Adidas UltraBoost

    The UltraBoost gets great reviews from consumers. Most comment on how great the shoe feels when it is first put on. They also feel it lives up to the promises and offers great shock absorption along with gripping the surface nicely regardless of the weather conditions. Consumers felt the price, while on the expensive side, was worth it because the shoes represent a good value. The only complaints seem to be that color choice is limited, and some users could not get a tight fit at the heel.



    adidas Men's Ultraboost
    • boost is our most responsive cushioning ever: The more energy you give, the more you get
    • adidas Primeknit upper wraps the foot in adaptive support and ultralight comfort
    • TORSION SYSTEM for midfoot integrity; FITCOUNTER molded heel counter provides a natural fit that allows optimal movement...

    Nike Pegasus 35

    These shoes from Nike are a similar running shoe to the UltraBoost. This shoe gets nice reviews with consumers fairly pleased. Since it is a little lower price point, consumers may be more willing to give concessions to some of the issues with the shoe. There were two major issues. The first is the cushion foam absorbs heat, making for a very sweaty foot. Second, the midsole shows wear rather quickly. On the plus side, these shoes have a wide toe, which is comfortable, they are lightweight and they are overall very comfortable.



    No products found.

    Reebok Floatride Run ULTK

    Reebok's comparable shoe to the UltraBoost loses when it comes to comfort. Consumers felt it is too narrow to feel good long term. They also didn't like that the shoe wasn't very flexible, leading to discomfort when running. The only positive in comfort is the wide toe area. These shoes were praised for durability and quality, though. They also provide a good feel when running.



    No products found.

    Pros and Cons

    ​​​​When looking at a product, you have to know that the company is always going to talk about how great it is. You cannot rely on the company to provide all the details. That is why it is helpful to see what people who have bought it are saying about the product. We looked through countless reviews of the UltraBoost shoe line. We read a lot of good and bad experiences. However, we understand that sometimes complaints are more personal than something that will affect everyone. So, we weeded out the bias and got to the heart of things. We present that information to you in the following list.​​​​​​​


    • Comfortable fit on foot
    • Looks stylish
    • Good support for wide feet
    • Nice grip on surface
    • Lightweight
    • Excellent shock absorption
    • Good value


    • Loose around heel on some feet; slips when running
    • Color choices are limited

    Some notes about the cons listed here. The loose heel fit issue is likely something that will affect only certain consumers since feet come in so many shapes and sizes. Overall, Adidas did a good job conforming these shoes to the majority of users' feet. The best way to avoid this issue is to try on the shoes before you buy them if you think you may have an issue with heel fit. That should allow you to see how they fit and to know you won't have this problem. As for the colors, this is a common complaint about shoes. However, do remember there are styles that let you customize the look, so you can get the color or combination of colors that you want. We didn't really feel in light of this information that these cons are that big of an issue for most consumers, but to keep our word of presenting accurate and unbiased information, we decided to include them.


    We had to give the Adidas UltraBoost line a perfect five-star rating based on what we learned during our research. These shoes seem to have far more that is good about them than could be considered bad. They are stylish and have a universal look that pretty much all consumers liked. They are incredibly comfortable. Even those users that experienced heel slippage still remarked on how the comfort level is exceptional.

    These shoes do not seem to lack in the important areas. Adidas makes a lot of big promises and puts a lot behind the Boost technology. It doesn’t seem that the company is blowing smoke. Consumers feel these shoes measure up and that even with the higher price tag, they are a good value.

    So, with all that in mind, we highly recommend the Adidas UltraBoost. These shoes were designed for runners, but they are great for any sport or just for casual wear as well. They provide superior comfort, absorption and power. Plus, they are durable and well made, which makes them an overall good value.

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