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Gnar Pump is a weightlifting powder developed by BroSupps, the supplement division of Bro Science Life. Bodybuilders seeking increased blood flow, reduced muscle fatigue, and a boost in energy and focus should consider this supercharged formula that combines mega-doses of B vitamins with a proprietary blend of effective ingredients.

What Is Gnar Pump?

BroSupps Gnar Pump 2.Grow Pre-Workout is a weight-lifting supplement by Bro Science Life, a company founded in 2012 by Dom Mazzeti. Mazzeti, also known as The Brofessor, has published a popular training and lifestyle guide and also sells workout apparel designed to inspire and impress. BroSupps manufactures the highest-quality supplements designed to make lifters feel and see remarkable results.

The recommended serving of 2.Grow Pre-Workout powder is one scoop, or approximately 13.58 grams, dissolved in 8 to 10 ounces of water. BroSupps recommends downing this supplement on an empty stomach 15 to 20 minutes prior to weight training for maximum bioavailability and energy. There are approximately 30 scoops in a container. 2.Grow is available in two flavors, House Music — Blue Raspberry and Komodo Dragon — Fruit Punch.

Gnar Pump Specifications

A scoop of 2.Grow Pre-Workout powder contains large doses of a variety of vitamins and minerals. A serving provides 60 milligrams of Vitamin B6 as pyridoxine hydrochloride, which equates to 3,529 percent of the recommended allowance of about 1.3 milligrams for an adult. This vitamin is water-soluble, which means that the body will excrete the excess amount after the initial boost to support intense pumping. Pyridoxine HCL is metabolized into pyridoxal phosphate, a coenzyme involved in biochemical reactions in the blood, nervous system, and skin. In general, B6 helps the body convert food into fuel and metabolize carbohydrates, fats, amino acids, and proteins while supporting nerve function and red blood cell production.

This formulation also contains 30 milligrams of Vitamin B3 as Niacin, which is 188 percent of the recommended daily value. The recommended dosage for an adult male is 16 milligrams. High doses of niacin cause blood vessels to dilate, increasing the flow of blood to sustain energy and strength during workouts. Vitamin B3 also plays a role in converting food into energy for the body and may lower cardiovascular risks and help to improve cholesterol levels. High dosages are known to provoke a harmless but potentially uncomfortable reaction called niacin flush, which causes skin to become red, warm, and itchy. The maximum daily intake of niacin recommended for adults is 35 milligrams. A single scoop of BroSupps Gnar Pump 2.Grow will put you five milligrams under this limit. It is a good idea to avoid consuming other forms of niacin in supplements or energy drinks while using this pre-workout supplement.

The B complex in BroSupps 2.Grow formula is rounded out by a whopping 20,833 percent of the recommended daily amount of Vitamin B12 as 500 micrograms of Methylcobalamin. This vitamin increases levels of energy and focus and supports nerve and brain health while also helping the body produce red blood cells. Methylcobalamin is the most readily bioavailable form of B12 and becomes active immediately after absorption. Some research suggests that taking this supplement prior to a workout may support protein synthesis and increase breakdown, promoting overall protein accumulation.

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This formulation also contains 15 milligrams of Zinc Amino Acid Chelate, which is 136 percent of the recommended value. This amount is only slightly higher than the recommended 11-milligram dosage for adult men. Zinc is a trace mineral that plays an important role in supporting protein building, enzyme processes, and immune system and thyroid hormone function. Zinc can be lost in sweat, so a slightly larger than recommended dose may be suitable prior to heavy pumping. The amount of Zinc AAC in this supplement does not approach the 40-milligram level, which may not be safe on a long-term basis, as it can block absorption of other essential minerals.

The other contents of this formula are divided up into the Pump Complex and Energy/Focus Complex. The former contains 6,000 milligrams of the non-protein amino acid Citrulline Malate (2:1). This combination bonds L-citrulline to malic acid in a 2:1 ratio. There is no recommended amount of this amino acid compound. L-citrulline is found in melons, while malate naturally occurs in apples. This concentrated compound has been used to treat fatigue and muscle weakness and is known to promote energy, strength, and general sensations of well-being. L-citrulline malate works by regulating nitric oxide production, reducing levels of lactic acid and ammonia in the urea cycle, increasing adenosine triphosphate levels in muscles, and promoting phosphocreatine recovery following a workout. All of these effects can promote blood flow during pumping and recovery and promote amino acid utilization in muscular tissue.

Gnar Pump 2.Grow Pre-Workout also contains other amino acids known to support muscle performance, such as 3,200 milligrams of Beta Alanine. This non-essential amino acid made by the body is known to improve athletic performance and pumping capacity while supporting the body's ability to build lean muscle mass. Beta Alanine differs from most amino acids in that the body does not rely on it to synthesize proteins. In combination with histidine, this amino produces carnosine, which is stored in skeletal muscles where it reduces lactic acid accumulation. As histidine levels are typically high enough to inhibit the production of carnosine, an infusion of Beta Alanine can significantly elevate carnosine levels by up to 80 percent. This supplement helps to lower acid levels that lead to muscle fatigue during high-intensity exercise sessions.


2.Grow also contains 1,000 milligrams of Agmatine Sulfate, a metabolite derived from L-arginine through decarboxylation that is stored in neurons and released during neuronal activation. This neuromodulator and transmitter that helps to promote focus and energy while improving muscle pumps by inhibiting nitric oxide synthase. Agmatine may also promote muscle growth by stimulating the production of luteinizing hormone and testosterone levels, making these levels ideal for enhanced muscle performance and growth. It may also increase insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake to support growth and repair.

L-norvaline is another amino acid included in this pre-workout supplement. Each serving of this powder provides 125 milligrams of this amino, which supports the concentration of arginine in the body to regulate nitric oxide levels and blood flow. L-norvaline inhibits arginase production, which can raise the ceiling on the amount of NO that arginine is capable of producing. This amino acid is analogous to L-valine, one of the three branched chain amino acids, which supports blood flow and cardiovascular pumps.

The Energy/Focus complex in both the Gnar Pump 2.Grow Pre-Workout House Music — Blue Raspberry and Komodo Dragon — Fruit Punch varieties combines caffeine with a number of more-recently developed ingredients to regulate the boost that this substance provides. Lifters will get a guaranteed energy boost from 350 milligrams of caffeine anhydrous. This powdered form is more concentrated than most naturally occurring sources. Caffeine is capable of increasing energy levels for several hours and supports the other energy and mood-boosting ingredients in this pre-workout supplement. If you work out first thing in the morning, you may find that this supplement makes for an ideal coffee substitute. This component can also up your energy levels at any time of day, though this supplement does work best on an empty stomach.

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Both flavors contain 375 milligrams of Methylliberine as Dynamine 40 percent. This is a natural energy supplement that has a positive impact on focus and mood. This substance is based on a purine alkaloid found in kucha tea similar to theacrine. Methylliberine activates dopamine receptors and neurotransmitters and inhibits adenosine receptors without causing a substantial elevation in blood pressure or heart rate. The focus aspect of this formulation also depends on L-theanine, an amino acid that naturally occurs in green tea and is responsible for the calming and invigorating quality of the beverage. Taken together, L-theanine may moderate the stimulating qualities of caffeine and work in conjunction with Dynamine 40 percent and the other botanically derived elements contained in this supplement.

The Energy/Focus blend is rounded out by 50 milligrams of 6-Paradol. This spice has a similar composition to ginger and also belongs to the Zingiberaceae family. As a supplement, Aframomum melegueta has been shown to provide fat-mass control and body re-composition, particularly for men. This blend also contains five milligrams of Yohimbine HCl, sourced from an African evergreen tree. The active component found in this supplement increases blood flow and nerve impulses and may have a positive effect on anxiety levels and overall performance. The last ingredient in the Gnar Pump proprietary blend is 200 micrograms of Huperzine A. This substance is sourced from Chinese club moss through extensive laboratory manipulation. This substance is considered beneficial for supporting focus and memory and may increase levels of acetylcholine, which provides nervous and muscular system support.

Both 2.Grow Pre-Workout flavors contain a combination of natural and artificial flavors and contain sucralose, an artificial non-nutritive sweetener. The non-active ingredients in the House Music — Blue Raspberry flavor also include malic acid, citric acid, silicon dioxide, calcium silicate, and Blue #1 lake dye for color. The Komodo Dragon — Fruit Punch flavor has the same ingredients with the exception of Red #40 lake dye. Lifters with dye sensitivities may want to factor in the presence of these dyes and choose between the flavors based on this factor. Both BroSupps 2.Grow Pre-Workout supplements provide the same supplement profile. In either flavor, this formula provides the energy, focus, and strength necessary to support extreme weight training.


Both flavors of BroSupps Gnar Pump 2.Grow Pre-Workout supplements retail for $40 directly from the manufacturer. At the present time, Amazon and other online marketplaces do not carry 2.Grow Pre-Workout supplements. As a result, prices on BroSupp workout supplements are set by the manufacturer, Bro Science Life, and shipping is only available from the brand's website.

How Gnar Pump Compares

a versus b scale
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VINTAGE BLAST Pre Workout Two-Stage Energy Supplement

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Pros and Cons


  • Available in two flavors, House Music — Blue Raspberry and Komodo Dragon — Fruit Punch
  • More affordable than comparable pre-workout weightlifting supplements


  • Both flavors contain artificial dyes: Blue #1 lake and Red #40 lake


BroSupps 2.Grow Pre-Workout powder is supercharged with B vitamins, amino acids, and other ingredients designed to dilate blood vessels, increase nitric oxide production, and prevent muscle fatigue. The boost this powder provides is a result of combining anhydrous caffeine powder with supplements known to support focus, such as L-theanine, Methylliberine, and Yohimbine HCl.

This formulation is similar to the other products in the comparison above. It contains a narrower selection of vitamins than Wake Up or Vintage Blast, and is perhaps most similar in composition to LUMBERJACKED, which is about $10 less for the same number of servings — but which only comes in one flavor and contains a different ratio of L-citrulline malate as well as fewer amino acids, energy, and focus supplements. BroSupps 2.Grow does not contain dye. However, it does rely on erythritol and sucralose for sweetening. Other brands use natural sweeteners that may be preferable, such as organic evaporated cane sugar, pineapple juice powder, xylitol, or stevia.

The flavors of the 2.Grow Pre-Workout powder vary from those in other competing pre-workout drinks. If the dyes and artificial sweetener in these flavors are not objectionable, users may prefer the nutritional profile of this BroSupps formula to that of competing supplements. For a pre-workout powder that is easy to add to water and slam prior to hitting the gym, BroSupps Gnar Pump 2.Grow can be an outstanding choice that will provide the blood flow, energy, and focus you need to pump yourself up — 4.5 stars is our final verdict.

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