Outdoor Gear Review: Fitbit Charge HR

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When you exercise, there are a few things you’re trying to accomplish. For instance, you need your heart rate to stay at a reasonable level, and you need to make sure you’re burning calories. Wearing a fitness wristband can help you keep track of these measurements so you have fewer things to worry about.

Fitbit has been making some of the most innovative fitness wearables on the market for years now, and the Fitbit Charge HR is still one of the top options if you’re looking for a wireless activity tracker. Take a look at our review of the Fitbit Charge HR to see if it has the features you need in an activity tracker; if it doesn’t, you can always check out one of its competitors.

What Is a Fitness Tracker?

What Is the Fitbit Charge HR?

Fitbit Charge HR Specifications

One of the nice things about the Fitbit Charge HR is the fact that you get numerous different customization options. You can choose among different colors and sizes to ensure your Fitbit Charge HR is perfect for you. However, changing the color or size won’t change what your Fitbit Charge HR actually does, which is track numerous important forms of activity to give you an idea of how to better your health.

Heart Rate






Ease of Use

Fitbit Charge HR Pricing

Since the Fitbit Charge HR is a few years old now and there are newer models on the market, giving an exact price for this device is sort of difficult. You can buy a large, black Fitbit Charge HR on Amazon for $99.99 right now, but Target is charging $129.99 for a teal Charge HR in the same size. Because you can’t simply go to the Fitbit website and purchase this activity wristband directly from the manufacturer, you’ll see some fluctuation in the price depending on the vendor.

At the end of the day, even spending $129.99 is a fair deal for what this tracker offers. If you have a tough time keeping logs of your activity, then this is a $129.99 investment that takes away that difficulty and allows you to automatically track your exercise. Because the Charge HR also has the ability to track your sleep, it’s a great tool for improving your health on a larger scale.

Fitbit Charge HR 

  • Track workouts, heart RATE, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes and steps
  • Monitor your sleep automatically and wake with a silent alarm
  • See call notifications, daily stats and time of Day on the OLED display
  • How the Fitbit Charge HR Compares

    As one of the earliest adopters of wireless activity tracker technology, Fitbit is obviously going to be one of the best brands you can buy. Fitbit products are known for their ease of use, sleek design and durability, and the Fitbit Charge HR is definitely no exception. This wireless activity tracker gives you everything you need to stay fit—and a few features that some people probably won’t need. That being said, there are other popular fitness trackers on the market, so here’s how the Fitbit Charge HR compares to its competition.

    Thanks to a back-to-school sale, the Misfit Ray activity tracker was recently being sold for $40, but it’s still a solid deal at its original $79.99 price.

    Tracks: This device tracks sleep, distance, steps and calories automatically.                       .

    Syncing: You can sync the Misfit Ray to your phone using a compatible app.

    Colors: This fitness tracker has tons of different options for both band and face color.

    If you don’t want to spend a ton of money to get some help with your fitness, then choose the Damusy fitness tracker. It gives you functionality for the price of dinner.

    Tracks: It tracks workouts, steps, distance, calories and sleep.                                               

    Syncing: This tracker syncs with your phone via Bluetooth for accurate, instant results.

    Colors: The device comes in black, purple, pink, blue and green.

    Another super-cheap option — and a surprising one given the brand — is the Samsung S5 G900, a solid activity tracker if you have a Galaxy device already.

    Tracks: It tracks steps, distance, calories and sleep.                                                                  

    Syncing: This tracker syncs with Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Note devices.

    Colors: You can only buy this fitness tracker in a single color: black.

    The Fitbit Alta isn’t quite as full-featured as the Charge HR, but it still gives you the ability to track various measurements while receiving alerts for calls and texts.

    Tracks: The tracker measures steps, distance, calories burned and sleep. It comes with SmartTrack to automatically detect your workouts.

    Syncing: It automatically syncs with any compatible phone, tablet or other device.

    Colors: You have your choice of white or black with the Fitbit Alta.

    Fitbit Charge HR Pros and Cons


    • Comes in various sizes and colors for customization
    • Automatically tracks just about everything
    • Check Circle
      Affordable price despite its range of features
    • Check Circle
      Connected GPS compatibility


    • Lacks built-in GPS
    • ban
      Battery isn’t replaceable and will continuously degrade

    The Verdict: High-End Fitness Tracking for a Low Price

    Obviously, the price you end up paying for your Fitbit Charge HR will depend on where you buy it from since different retailers have different prices. However, even if you end up paying the full $129.99 that Target is currently charging for a large Fitbit Charge HR, you’re still getting a good deal.

    This is a fitness tracker that’s capable of keeping track of just about anything you could ask for, including heart rate, sleep, workouts, distance traveled, calories burned and more. Since the battery lasts for five days, you can wear your Charge HR most of the time without having to worry about it dying. Best of all, the phone-syncing features make using your Fitbit Charge HR as easy as breathing, which is truly the selling point of wireless activity wristbands.


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