Outdoor Gear Review: Brooks Pureflow

Brooks is a running gear company that is always at the top of its game. They offer incredibly high-quality shoes and gear that the running community all around the world absolutely loves. If you are interested in purchasing a pair of their shoes, this review is for you.


The company offers a few different types of running shoes, but we will be focusing on their line of Brooks Pureflow products. This is a specific design of running shoe that the company continuously improves and builds on over time.


Let’s start with how we will be rating the Brooks Pureflow shoes.

How We are Rating the Brooks Pureflow

It is of the utmost importance for us to ensure that our reviews are 100% accurate and completely honest.


This allows you to know what you are purchasing without any confusion or misinformation, and not to experience any surprise or disappointment when you get the item you found in our review. To achieve this, there are a few different sources and aspects we research thoroughly beforehand.


One thing that we make sure to read through and know both backwards, and forwards – is the company making each product we review.


This is important for several different reasons. For one thing, we want to make sure you are buying products from legitimate companies that you can trust and would want to give your money to. Researching the brand also allows us to ensure that we know what their customer service is like, how they handle refunds and returns, and what ingredients and materials they use to make the final products.


We also make sure to research the product specifications as well. Not only does this give us a clear idea of exactly what the product is made of and can do, but it also allows us to pinpoint any potential shortcomings that the item may have. This also helps up ensure that our reviews are 100% accurate, and allows us to avoid any questions being left unanswered.


Last but not least, we make sure to thoroughly read and research customer reviews and testimonials.


This allows us to get the opinions of the general public on a certain product and brand, which allows us to see the highlights and negatives of each item. It also gives us a unique perspective and insight we may not have otherwise considered.


For this particular review of the Brooks Pureflow running shoes, we are going to be considered overall quality, comfort, pricing, how it compares to other running shoes, and the innovation of the brand.

What Is the Brooks Pureflow and How Does it Work?

So, let’s start with the basics, what are the Brooks Pureflow running shoes and how do they work?


These shoes are a series from Brooks, starting with the Pureflow 5, then the Pureflow 6, and lastly the Pureflow 7. We are going to be talking about each different shoe separately here, so you can see how they’ve progressed over the years.

The Brooks Pureflow 5

The oldest version of this shoe that we could still find being sold is the Brooks Pureflow 5. This shoe offers a medium to high arch, and is said to be absolutely perfect for more narrow feet. The design doesn’t really offer any of the new innovations that Brooks has integrated into their newer designs, but is still a relatively decent, high quality shoe.


At this point, this shoe is becoming more obsolete, as there are several newer versions of the shoe. You can still purchase this shoe online, but you may want to take a look at the Pureflow 6 or 7, which we will be talking about next.

The Brooks Pureflow 6

The Brooks Pureflow 6 is still a fairly recent design, and still holds up as far as a high-quality running shoe from Brooks is concerned.


These shoes offer neutral support, a midsole drop of 4mm, a medium to high arch, the DNA midsole and the BioMoGo technology, and they weigh 8.9 ounces.


The BioMoGO DNA midsole cushioning technology adapts extremely easier to your stride, and ensures that you absorb less of the shock from running. The rounded heel of the shoe provides you with excellent full-body alignment, which minimizes the stress on your joints.

The Brooks Pureflow 7

Lastly, we have the Brooks Pureflow 7, which are of course the most recent and innovative of the Brooks Pureflow shoes.


Similar to the Pureflow 6 design, these shoes have neutral support, a midsole drop of 4mm, a medium to high arch, and the DNA Midsole and BioMoGo DNA technology. These shoes are a little lighter, weighing in at only 8.1 ounces.


This design offers a lightweight, extremely flexible ride so you can simply focus on putting one foot in front of the other on your runs. The sole is also very flexible as well, which directs the impact away from your body for a plush feeling under your feet.


One thing we really love about these shoes is their stretch-woven upper and soft internal bootie that allows your feet to feel completely unrestricted and comfortable. These shoes are almost sock-like, which is an incredible change from the average bulky running shoe.


Now let’s look at why these shoes are so unique and set apart from other brands and running shoes on the market today.

What is Unique About the Brooks Pureflow?

Here are some of the aspects that are specific to Brooks and their Pureflow design of running shoes. This is technology that you won’t see in other brands.

The DNA Midsole

This innovative aspect of the Brooks running shoes is a new midsole compound that is fairly recent in their shoes. It is a very plush and protective aspect that instantly adapts to your speed, stride, and weight as your run. This in turn gives you a much more protected, soft, and comfortable experience throughout your daily exercising.


The midsole consists of air, rubber and Ethylene-vinyl acetate, which makes it light, soft and strong.

The BioMoGo DNA Technology

The BioMoGo DNA technology is the awesome cushioning gel that Brooks includes in the midsole of their shoes. This gel is adaptive to the force that you apply to it, which means that it gets firmer when you apply more weight to it.


This gel is made of a non-Newtonian fluid, which means that its viscosity depends on the stress you are applying to it.

Pricing of the Brooks Pureflow

The Brooks Pureflow shoes cost a moderate amount when compared to both other Brooks designs and other brands all together.


When you look at the older Pureflow designs, they are really cheap compared to the other designs. You can purchase a pair of Pureflow 5s or Pureflow 6s for between $50 and $70 dollars, which is fairly low for Brooks shoes and running shoes in general. These have gone on sale recently since they are older models of a newer shoe.


The Pureflow 7 is right around $100, which is fairly standard for a new running shoe and is a great price for a Brooks shoe. All in all, they are definitely a pretty affordable choice.

Public Perception (Other Brooks Pureflow Reviews)

The general public has a lot of opinions on the Brooks Pureflow shoes. Just so you can measure the good against the bad, the two types of comments from customers will be separated .

Positive Aspects of the Brooks Pureflow

Many customers really appreciated the design of the Brooks Pureflow shoe, specifically, they loved the sock-like feel of the product. The lightweight, comfortable shoe made it easy for customers to fall in love with it.


A lot of reviews specifically mentioned loving the versatility of the product as well. Whether they were using the shoe for walking, running, standing, jumping, etc. they didn’t have an issue with the shoes at all. Over time the shoes didn’t become uncomfortable or unfit for the task.


A few customers mentioned that their new Brooks Pureflow had a redesigned tongue unit that didn’t annoyingly rub against their skin like the Pureflow 5 and 6 did. This is important to keep in mind if you were planning on snagging a pair of the older shoes.


Many reviews loved the comfortable underfoot cushioning system, stating that it was incredibly responsive and soft.


Lastly, customers loved that the upper unit was so soft and flexible. Often times this part of the running shoe will be a little stiffer and less comfortable, so this was an important feature to users.


Now let’s take a look at some of the potential shortcomings of the shoe as well.

Negative Aspects of the Brooks Pureflow

The most common complaint we saw among customer reviews and testimonials was how the shoes fit. A lot of reviews mentioned that if you have wider feet, these are going to be a little snugger than you may like. Keep this in mind, as these shoes may be better for those of you with more narrow feet.


A few users mentioned that they experienced some rocks getting inside the foot chamber of the shoe through the collar. This can be annoying and even painful, so keep this in mind if you are frequently running on gravel. Some customers also mentioned that the ankle collar rubbed uncomfortably against their skin as well.


Those that were able to fit into the shoes noted that the foot chamber seemed to have a little too much room in it. This can cause too much movement of the shoe and make for an uncomfortable running experience.


However, for those customers who complained about sizing, several of them mentioned that you just needed to wear the shoes a few times to break them in first.


Even so, some consumers did not like the stiffness of the midsole, even after wearing the shoes repeatedly. Like we stated before, these shoes do have a midsole that become stiffer as more weight gets put on them.


Overall, the shoes do have a fairly equal amount of positive and negative features going for them. A lot of your final decision should depend on your personal needs and preferences, so make sure to try on a pair first if you can.

What We Think of the Brooks Pureflow

Our final thoughts on these shoes can be summed up by saying that we do really like the innovative design and technology, but you should certainly try them on and research them before making your final research. From what we have gathered, we believe they may only work well for certain types of feet and runners.


Brooks has a lot to offer when it comes to running shoes, and they have consistently been one of the top brands out there. If you don’t end up liking the Pureflow option, they have many others that could work for you as well.


If you have purchased a pair of Brooks Pureflow shoes before, what were your final thoughts on the product? Would you recommend them to others?

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