Outdoor Gear Review : Brooks Ghost 10

In the market for some new running shoes? Let’s take a look at the Brooks Ghost 10 options.

Brooks is known in the running community as one of the best options for shoes. Whether you are an avid, experienced runner or someone who just got started, they have the perfect shoe for you.


This specific shoe of theirs has been highly regarded, and we want to make sure it stands up to the hype. Read on to find out if the Brooks Ghost 10 is worth your money, time, and effort.

How We Are Rating the Brooks Ghost 10

For this in-depth review of the Brooks Ghost 10 running shoes, there will be a few different aspects and qualities to consider when it comes to the brand and the actual product.


Over everything else, we strive to make sure our reviews are as accurate and honest as possible, so we ensure that our research is done beforehand. This way you are not met with any surprises when buying the products we recommend.


The first thing we do is to make sure we know the product backwards and forwards. Knowing everything about the item specifications allows us to ensure that the review is as accurate as possible. It also lets us discover any highlights or potential shortcomings that the product may have. Lastly, it makes sure that you aren’t surprised or disappointed if you decide to buy the product.


We also read and research customer reviews thoroughly. This gives us a much broader view of what the general public thinks of the product we are reviewing. It also allows us to pinpoint any areas where the item fails for customers or particularly shines.


The last thing we research heavily is the brand providing the product. Having a company that has trustworthy and ethical practices and high-quality items to sell is vitally important for customers. This allows us to gain insight into their return policies and how they handle refunds, as well as their customer service and materials/ingredients for the products they sell.


For this review of the Brooks Ghost 10 running shoes, we will be considering the following things about the items – their pricing, overall quality, how they fit, comfort level, sizing, and the brand.

What is the Brooks Ghost 10 and How Does it Work?

So what is the Brooks Ghost 10?


This is a running shoe that is made to be as comfortable, light, and useful as possible. The Brooks Ghost shoes are a design that continues to be revamped, and while the Ghost 10 isn’t the newest version, it is still a great option for a running shoe.


The shoe offers neutral support, a midsole drop of 12mm, a medium to high arch, great cushion for your feet, and they weight 8.8 ounces. These shoes also offer the DNA Midsole and BioMoGo DNA technology, which we will delve into deeper later.


Compared to some of the older Ghost designs from Brooks (Ghost 8, Ghost 9), these shoes have made some improvements. They are more lightweight than previous models, and they offer a new plush transition zone for a much smoother ride. This design is also said to have an improved fit from 3D Fit Print overlays, and it was the Runner’s World“International Editor’s Choice” award winner.


Now let’s get into a little more detail about the Brooks Ghost 10 running shoes, what makes them so unique?

What is Unique About the Brooks Ghost 10?

What is the BioMoGo DNA?

What is the Segmented Crash Pad?

Brooks Ghost 10 Pricing

So how does the pricing compare to other products from Brooks and other brands all together?

Pricing Vs. Other Brooks Shoes

Compared to the other shoes that Brooks offers, these shoes are actually on the cheaper end of the options. Since there is a newer Ghost shoe on the market, the Ghost 11, these have actually decreased over time as well.

 Currently, you can purchase a pair of the Brooks Ghost 10 shoes for between $80.00 and $100.00 online, depending on the retailer you choose. Other Brooks shoes vary depending on the style, but the prices range anywhere from $70 to $170.00


The newest version of the Brooks Ghost shoes are currently being sold for about $120.00 at this time.

No products found.

Pricing Vs. Other Brands

As for other running shoes, the Brooks Ghost 10 shoes are in the middle when price is concerned. There are many different shoes that are much more expensive than them, but there are others that are cheaper as well.


However, you do have to consider quality as well. While these aren’t the newest shoes on the market, they still have some incredible features from Brooks that you don’t see in other brands and products. While on the other hand, some of the cheaper running shoes may cost you less, you may find yourself having to replace them faster.

Public Perception (Other Brooks Ghost 10 Reviews)

Now let’s take a look at what the general public thinks about these innovative running shoes. To make it easier to measure the opinions, we will be dividing them into positive and negative reviews.

The Positive Comments

The most common positive comments we saw were referring to the high-performance construction of the shoes. Customers really appreciated how well these shoes were put together and how each innovative part of the shoe worked together to create an amazing product that protected their feet.


Users that had previously struggled with issues pertaining to foot, leg, and joint pain were thrilled at how cushioned their feet were in the Brooks Ghost 10 shoes. Many reviews stated that they didn’t have any additional pain from using these shoes, and they actually aided in getting rid of some of the previous pain from old shoes.


A lot of people also noticed that the shock absorbing capacity of the midsole was far above the average amount, even for a tough, well designed running shoe. This made it a better option for a lot of customers wanting to partake in longer runs or trail runs.


Many customers were impressed that while the shoe was incredibly cushioned and comfortable, they never felt like the shoes were too heavy or bulky. The sturdy design made it easy for their feet and ankles to remain flexible while staying soft and supportive. Some reviews even described it as feeling like they were “running on clouds.


Lastly, buyers really appreciated the inclusion of a shoelace holder that is built in on top of the tongue. This kept laces from slipping, becoming easily untied, and causing annoyance.


While there were quite a few positive aspects mentioned by the customers, there are a few potential shortcomings that were mentioned as well.

The Negative Comments

The most frequent complaint we saw regarding the shoe was from customers who were running in rainy and damp weather. There were a few reviews that mentioned the fact that the shoes did not have as effective of a grip on wet surfaces as they could have had. This is especially important to keep in mind if you are frequently running up and down rocky and/or slippery trails.


A couple of customers mentioned that they witnessed the sole unit coming loose after only wearing the shoes a few times.


Another few mentioned that the sides and top of the shoes began to deteriorate after a few weeks of use. These comments were few and far between, but keep this in mind if you are planning on purchasing the shoes.


Something else that had been mentioned a few times in customer reviews was that the underfoot platform was slightly too low to the ground, which in turn sacrificed the quality of the cushioning. If you have incredibly sensitive feet that need as much cushioning as possible, you may want to think about this aspect.


There were also a few additional comments about the shoes not having enough arch support. The opinions on this were mixed however, so you may want to try a pair on before deciding for yourself.


Everyone’s feet are different, and you are going to have different needs and preferences than some of the people reviewing these shoes. Make sure that you know what you need before making a purchase.

Brooks Ghost 10 Black/Pink Peacock/Living Coral 9 D - Wide
  • Train for your next marathon in this comfy, lightweight running sneaker
  • Engineered Air Mesh upper for comfort and ventilation
  • Tie closure

How the Brooks Ghost 10 Compares to Other Running Shoes

So how do these shoes compare to other running shoes?


In our opinion, you definitely can’t go wrong with shoes from Brooks. However, if you are someone who would prefer the newest innovations and technologies when it comes to your running shoes, these may not be the best option for you.


While these are wonderfully inventive shoes, they are not the newest ones that Brooks has come out with. These are ideal if you are someone who doesn’t need the newest shoes, and would prefer a less expensive option.


As for other brands of running shoes, we would still definitely recommend the Ghost 10 shoe from Brooks. This shoe has won awards, it has continuously ranked extremely high on lists of the best running shoes for years, and it is now even more affordable since it is an older design. While this isn’t the only shoe that will work for you, it definitely has a lot of amazing qualities going for it.


A lot of the choice is going to come down to your personal preference as well. Your feet and running style will require certain things that specific shoes offer you. As long as you know what you need and you do your research, you should have no problem choosing your ideal running shoe.

What We Think of the Brooks Ghost 10

Brooks has some absolutely amazing products, and we can’t recommend their running shoes more. Whether it’s the Brooks Ghost 10 or one of their other products, we know you will love the quality and innovation as much as we do.


What is your favorite product from Brooks? Would you recommend their running shoes to others?

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