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Running shoes can be incredibly expensive and highly specialized to suit your performance needs. Thankfully, shoes like the Adidas Alphabounce provide a cost-effective and comfortable alternative. If you are looking for well-rounded running and walking shoes, the Alphabounce are some very popular and inexpensive shoes. If you are a casual runner and need multi-purpose shoes, these are a great investment. If you are a professional runner, sometimes you need a stylish pair of walking shoes that can also double as comfortable runners. Alphabounce shoes have more pronounced padding than other models of running shoes. Whatever your reasons, this list will cover some common questions about the Alphabounce line in 2018. It’ll provide you with a comparison chart and weigh the pros and cons of each design to help you find the perfect model for you.



What Is the Alphabounce?

Alphabounce is a mid-range line of Adidas shoes. They are designed for comfortable running. The midsole has a flexible padding, which is thicker than the padding of running shoes you may be used to. The upper has a lot of mesh, which helps with breathability and mobility. There are a few types of Alphabounce shoes, and each one has different uppers for slightly different specialties. This line is a hybrid of comfortable walking shoes and breathable running shoes. It’s a good choice for anyone who likes mid-ranged and all-purpose athletic shoes.


Why Do I Need Alphabounce Shoes?

Alphabounce shoes are designed to be reasonably priced running shoes. They focus on comfort and air movement. The mesh uppers are more breathable than a lot of shoes in this price range, and the midsole has a specially designed padding for comfortable movement. They aren’t as premium as some other Adidas shoes, and they aren’t the least expensive models on the market.


What Colors Are Available?

Alphabounce shoes come in a variety of colors and color combinations. The Alphabounce Beyond series has eight different stock color options. Each line of Alphabounce shoes are also fully customizable. uses an online program that allows you to select different colors for each part of your shoe. There’s even an option of printing your initials or full name on the insole. These custom shoes are slightly more expensive but offer an incredible variety for anyone who wants to run in style.


How Much Drop Should My Shoes Have?

A shoe’s drop is the difference between the height at the front and back, or heel and toe, of a shoe. It’s usually measured in millimeters. Although many customers and reviewers describe the Alphabounce as having a large drop, the bulk of the sole makes it appear this way. The Alphabounce has a drop of 10 millimeters, which is a running shoe standard. There has been lots of controversy around drop sizes. More modern running shoes are designed with little or no drop. These flat shoes are reported to offer a more natural way to run, mimicking your foot. However, a few studies appear to have shown that there is little difference between the two. It’s an area that is mostly opinion rather than fact. Your current running shoe probably has a drop of 10 millimeters, so it should feel similar to the Alphabounce line. The slight bulk of the Alphabounce sole may feel larger, but it is much more familiar than a low drop or zero drop running shoe.


When Should I Replace My Shoes?

Typically, you’ll want to replace your shoes after 300 to 500 miles. If you aren’t sure of the number of miles you walk and run, other experts recommend you replace your running shoes every six months. In general, you don’t want to wait until they are falling apart before you buy new shoes. Think about the number of miles you run in your normal workout. If you are training for a marathon, your shoes will last far less than a sprinter or casual runner’s shoes. Of course, consider your mileage before purchasing your running shoes. While top-of-the-line, $300 shoes look and feel great, you may not want to replace them twice a year. However, if you are planning trail running or extreme mileage, your inexpensive shoes may need replacing more often. Consider the type of use your shoes will get and carefully choose a pair that not only fits your needs, but also will last long enough and be priced reasonably enough for you to continue to replace them as necessary.


Will My Shoes Help Me Avoid Injury?

Yes and no. There are a lot of factors to consider when looking to avoid running injuries. There isn’t a lot of research to promote either large drop or low drop shoes, so don’t worry about the drop in relation to injury. There are, however, a few areas in which your shoes can either cause injuries or help you avoid them. First, make sure you are replacing your shoes regularly. Worn shoes, especially cheap, worn shoes, don’t give you the support you need. Long distance running in particular requires a comfortable pair of shoes. Be sure to also check the fit of your new shoes. Some shoes are designed for larger feet or ankles. These may be difficult to tighten around your foot, which could result in a loose or wobbly shoe. Loose shoes can be dangerous when you are running. They can cause your foot to rub and blister, or, worse, they could fall off during your run. Make sure you have a pair of shoes that is flexible and comfortable and has a snug, sock-like fit. Many injuries aren’t related at all to shoes, so if you are feeling unusual pain or discomfort when running, be sure to figure out the root cause. Don’t assume your shoes are causing your pain, but don’t be afraid to try out a new pair and test your theory.

How We Reviewed

After carefully researching the entire Alphabounce line, these models were chosen. They represent the highest customer ratings and best professional reviews, and they are best sellers in this category. The purpose of this review isn’t to sell you a specific pair, but to offer an unbiased look at some of the unique features of each model. After looking at the pros and cons of each model, you’ll have the information you need to choose the right pair of shoes for you. As with any pair of shoes, there are always customers who feel very strongly for or against these shoes. Some individuals believe they are the highest quality on the market, while others feel they are the worst shoes to ever be designed. We feel these reviews are overly opinionated and aren’t the most helpful. The customer reviews used to create this list reflect the more moderate and fact-filled opinions of customers who have worn the shoes for some time.

Price Range

These shoes range in price from $90 to $110. Because each Alphabounce shoe is very similar, the price is fairly consistent. For running shoes, they are mid-priced. Shoes can range from $30 to over $300. At the low end, you get shoes with little breathability that are often heavier and prone to damage sooner. At the high end, good running shoes are incredibly light. They also may have a lower drop, breathable design and a lot of flexibility for your foot to naturally curve as you run. Whichever end you gravitate towards, it’s sometimes nice to pick a mid-range shoe. It can either feel like a splurge or a great bargain depending on your usual spending habits.

Best Alphabounce Shoes

adidas Men’s Alphabounce Cr Cc

adidas Men's Alphabounce CR CC Running Shoe ash Green, 6.5 M US
  • Runner type: Neutral shoes offer flexibility and versatility, with premium cushioning; Weight: 11 ounces (size 9);...
  • Climacool provides 360-degree cooling for the entire foot
  • Bounce cushioning provides enhanced comfort and flexibility

This lightweight model is designed to be the best for street running. It still has the same comfortable midsole, which adds a high stack and a drop of 10 millimeters. The EM has a mesh upper that offers a lot of breathability. If you’re looking for a specialized running shoe, the Alphabounce EM is made for speed. However, it has a few downsides when compared to other running shoes. The midsole design, while comfortable, feels larger than the midsoles of most sports shoes. This provides a comfortable walking shoe, but the high design usually makes the shoe too bulky for running. If you’re looking for an airy street shoe or comfortable running shoe, this is a great choice. The shoe doesn’t have the trademark Adidas lines down the side that normally decrease the overall mesh surface area. This gives it a distinctive look in the Adidas lineup.

adidas Originals Men’s Alphabounce Beyond Running Shoe

adidas Men's Alphabounce Beyond Running Shoe, Grey/Grey/Grey, 12.5 M...
  • Runner type: Neutral shoes offer flexibility and versatility, with premium cushioning; Weight: 12.2 ounces (size 9)
  • Bounce cushioning provides enhanced comfort and flexibility
  • Seamless Forgedmesh upper designed with areas of support and stretch to help ensure a custom fit that adapts to every...

A premium upgrade to the Alphabounce, this slightly bulkier shoe has a sturdy sole with aggressive rubber tread. This makes it a great shoe for all terrain running, where the extra traction can be the difference between a smooth pace and a rocky fall. It features fully customizable coloring of each part of the shoe. What’s unique about the Beyond model is the upper shoe features. It doesn’t include the wide stretches of mesh, but instead offers a more closed look. It’s a good shoe for trail running or anywhere else you may encounter water, dirt or sand. The elements don’t take favorably to open mesh designs, and no one likes running with a shoe full of sand. However, the Beyond model is slightly heavier. If you only run on the track and the street, this won’t be a convenient model for you. The mesh tongue does help with air flow, but in general it isn’t as breathable as other running shoe designs such as the EM.

adidas Men’s Alphabounce Rc m Running Shoe

This style-conscious model focuses on lightweight construction and elegant design. Like the others, the Alphabounce RC features a larger midsole that remains flexible. The slimmed-down look is reminiscent of higher priced running shoes. It’s great for casual shoes with an athletic look or for light running and training. Customers don’t like the heavy soles of the Alphabounce line, saying they feel too bulky for long distance running. Some customers also didn’t like the fit of the ankle collar. If you like a tight, sock-like fit, this shoe may feel too loose around the ankle. The tread on this shoe is more similar to the Beyond, with a durable design that is suited for some light weather conditions and trail running. It’s the most casual model in the line, and if you are looking for a specialized running shoe you may be disappointed. It’s more of a daily use Alphabounce rather than a true cross trainer. With this in mind, you’ll find the 10-millimeter drop and comfortable sole great additions.

Comparison Table






adidas Men's Alphabounce CR CC Running Shoe ash Green, 6.5 M US

Bounce midsole
Mesh upper
Midsole drop: 10 millimeters
Weight: 11 ounces for size 9

Price not available

adidas Men's Alphabounce Beyond Running Shoe, Grey/Grey/Grey, 12.5 M...

Some mesh on upper
Bounce midsole
Aggressive rubber outsole
Weight: 12 ounces for size 9

Price not available

adidas Men's Alphabounce CR Running Shoe, Maroon/core Black/Collegiate...

Mesh tongue
Flexible upper
Bounce midsole
Durable outsole

Price not available

The Verdict

Each of these shoes represent a balanced view of comfort, style and specialized running shoe. Depending on the type of activities you are planning, each one serves a slightly different purpose. The change between shoes is very subtle, so you can also choose largely based on personal preference of style and comfort. Not only are the shoes similar, the entire Alphabounce line is designed to a well-rounded, all-purpose choice. If you prefer wearing one pair of shoes for your daily routine, you’ll enjoy this balance between sport and casual wear. However, if you prefer a few specialized shoes, you may not be satisfied with Alphabounce as either running or walking shoes.

As a running shoe, the Alphabounce EM is the clear winner. The additional mesh is a welcomed choice, and the shoe doesn’t need the extra tread of the Alphabounce Beyond. It’s a good price for a running shoe, too. Customers love the fit, describing it as like a sock. For casual wear, the Alphabounce RC is a popular choice. Its sleek, minimalist design works well with a variety of outfits, which is a great feature for anyone who likes having just a few pairs of quality, all-purpose shoes. If you frequently go on trail runs, you may be more satisfied with the Alphabounce Beyond. A durable, supportive design, it has the tread and closed support you need. Whichever pair you prefer, each Alphabounce design has some worthwhile features at a reasonable price.

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